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About Us

Justin and Katie help everyone wanting to learn Meditation and Spirituality. Justin was trained by his Guru in 2009 and was initiated by his Guru to complete his Spiritual Training. Justin's Guru gave him the knowledge and direct experience of raising the Mind Energies quickly and safely so that their Students would progress quickly. We teach  Spirituality alongside Meditation. Due to Covid 19 we had to temporary close our Union Meditation Centre. So we designed Sacred Sounds Ltd to allow us to teach and reach all of our Students and to welcome new Students World Wide. We continue working with our existing Students and for our new Students we have designed  powerful Mind Energy Guided Meditations. We sell our 4 most popular Downloads here on our website along with Meditation Sessions, Spirituality Sessions and eBooks. Many of our Students come to us emotional distressed, it's a hard time for many people right now so we have designed a Hypnosis Session which is available to everyone. It's a great session for those who want to move onto Meditation and Spirituality quickly but can't because their mind needs a special care and attention before they can sit for Meditation. 

What ever your needs are, physical, mental or emotional let Sacred Sounds welcome you into our Family where we make you feel safe. We really do look forward to working with all our Students and Professionals. 

Welcome to Sacred Sounds

Justin and Katie