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What is Spirituality?

written by Justin James

"Seeking who we are and where we come from is the spiritual path. In spirituality we call this centre the Heart. The Heart of the party. Can you see patterns of meaning? Some class spirituality as home or coming home. So Spirituality is the transformation of the Spirit. Transformation of the Self. The prize of Spirituality is of course – enlightenment"

What are the 4 Qualities of Meditation?

written by Justin James

"The recipe of Life is an open book which resides on an inner dimension and when energized she reveals her miracles. Students of Meditation under the guidance of a Guru can quickly direct this energy into what ever they want. Life’s soup tastes nice she has all the right ingredients and she left us all a map. This map has been handed down for generations. The origins of this ancient road map dates back some believe to over 15,000 years. Handed down by tribes, King’s and Gurus this road map would be the gate way to self-liberation and ultimately enlightenment"

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

written by Justin James

"Energy within an Awakening shifts towards the self. In other words our focus has shifted within our own experience. When focus is reduced from the outside world our perception of judgement decreases allowing an increase in perception in the inner world. This is why we need a guide – as perception increases in the inner world, judgement increases also. The part of the mind that had been a master has entered the inner world with us. That part of the mind that we carry always, has never travelled within before. That part of the mind cannot understand the inner world. It gets lost and then almost always freaks out. The mind will crack which will lead to hyper-sensitivity which is what is seen in Sever Mental Health Patients. When the energy in our Mind raises it is easy to have mental confusion"

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