Marma Meditation

Meditation is a Natural Ventilation 

Outdoor Meditation


Power Up Your Energies And Empower Deep Healing

Yoga Class for all Ages

Everyone is Welcome

...meditation doesn't care how young or old you are, it's about doing the right things at the right time

Meditation in Forest

"sitting down legs crossed and trying to be relaxed and calm sounds great but we all know our minds go a little bit crazy, right? What is it we are supposed to do in Meditation? How should my breathing be? What do I concentrate on? How do I over come the mind? many questions and so many things to think about"


What is Meditation?

"The word meditation does not have any other words to describe any type of similar understanding. We normally assume meditation to be a person sitting crossed legged, back straight and eyes closed. From a spiritual point of view, meditation means to become meditative. So meditation tells us it is an action. The goal of meditation is to become meditative. When we become meditative we can sit and receive"

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Time to Meditate Yourself order to feel the full and powerful results of Meditation - we need to meditate ourselves, we do this by removing the Mental and Energy blocks in our mind


Diabetes or

Blood Pressure?

...meditation can bring balance into our lives

We feel healthier and can make better life style decision

Young Man in Therapy

Mental Health?

Meditation has the tools and methods !


"when we raise our Energies we can move on from the noisy mind"

When we have thoughts and emotions going round and round it feels like it is dragging us down. It feels like we have no energy. 

What is it we are doing wrong?

We will teach you about the mind and how to use it. We will turn your mind into an opportunity of transformation - we're going to raise your Mind Energy and step into the Mystical and Magical world of Meditation

Meditation is great for:

  • a healthy balance

  • a healthy body

  • a healthy happy mind

  • can increase memory

  • can increase focus and concentration

  • can remove negative energies from the body

  • can help you feel your energy body

  • aid on your Spiritual Journey

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"we are
with you
every step
of the way"

Meditation has many levels 

...some people think that Meditation is just about the mind and body

Not us, see we have been to the furthest parts of the mind and the prize of Meditation lays beyond what the Mind has to offer

So for us Meditation is all about YOU !


Meet Your Instructor


Justin James

“let me show and instruct you to the amazing and powerful effects of our Marma Meditation. Marma Meditation is the oldest and Most Ancient Meditation. First installed into the Students of the very first Yogi (Shiva). For over 70 years Marma Meditation has not maintained its dominance within the Meditation Community. Marma takes all the qualities of a Meditative Mind and uses the Mind Energy that increases with Practice to direct that Energy into what ever they want, this could be Fear, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Addictions, Loneliness and a Happy and Healthy Body and Mind. The True potential of this Energy can be achieved when Directed into the Heart, this is where Spiritual Energy is given to Students. This Spiritual Energy contains the Road Map to Life. Students can Learn about how to direct their Energies into their Dreams and Desires. All Meditations that do not use Marma won’t get Students to the Gate of the Inner Kingdom. Marma is the only way the Gate remains Visible and Open. The Gate in Meditation is a threshold to another Dimention, a Spiritual Dimension. The Quality of our experience increases and we can Feel and use our Energies in a more inclusive and Loving Way. Marma means pathway. We have energy Pathways on and within our Bodies. Marma Controls and regulates the Flow of the Primal Force (Kundilini) and the 7 + Chackras, Marma does not control and regulate the Flow of the Life Force within someone, Higher Energies Controls Marma. Marma has two sides, one physical the other non physical. Physical Marma Known as Marma Therapy uses Marma Junctions Known as Marma Points. Non physical Marma deals with the Mind and Heart. Marma Meditation works with the Inner Energies, we call this the Source or Centre. Marma uses the Energy Pathways to travel Students back to the Source of their Energies where deep Healing Happens. We then work with our Students so they can use their Energies in a new way. The Yogi way is the Marma way"

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3 Meditation Courses

No Experience Needed

10 Part Audiobook Leaning FREE

  • Intro

  • What is Meditation?

  • How can Meditation help me?

  • Body and Food?

  • When to Meditate?

  • How to Begin?

  • About the Mind

  • Healing Power 

  • *BONUS* Top Tip

  • Ending 

Intermediate 1-1 Online Video Session*

  • Inner Kingdom

  • Meditation and the Breath

  • Marma (chakras)

  • What is Mind Energy?

  • Channeling Energy

  • What is Spirituality?

  • About Sensations and Vibrations

Advanced Meditation Online 1-1 Training**

  • Powerful Into The Heart Sufi Meditation

  • Visions, Dreams and Prayer

  • Union

Student Manual Covering all the topics

* Students are expected to complete the beginner session first

** Students are expected to complete the intermediate session first

Meditating Together

5 Hours is all it

Practice and Course Notes Ensure Our Students Listen to their Own Energies which will lead the WAY !


Powerful Guided Meditations

on over 50 Global Platforms our Guided Meditations are designed to help Students feel their Energy Body. Just search for Justin James in Google, Apple etc



All of our Sessions are backed up with a Guarantee. We are confident that our Sessions meet your needs but at the end of the Session if your not completely satisfied we will refund 100% money back*

*not available for digital purchase 


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Happy Children

Meditation for Children

We have a great Meditation Program designed for all ages of children

We specialize in working with Children in the Care System and those who have experienced Trauma

If you have a referral for a child in your care or if you are a professional working with a child then please email us to discuss how our 1-1 support can help you, the child and your organization

Please note: there is no charge for helping venerable children

Please Contact Emma at

Group Therapy

Training for Professionals

Realizing the True and Powerful effects of giving a Client a Guided Meditation will allow you to progress within your therapy sessions. 

Learn the Sacred Antient Art of Meditation and go on to help others. Contact us if you are looking to add Meditation to your

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