Union Meditation Centre

...where Spiritual Journeys can Blossom

...is where the training of Students first started. One to One and group lessons in Meditation and Spirituality pathed the way for students along their personal and spiritual Journey

For now, Union Meditation has closed her doors. We are operating ONLINE! We designed two platforms that would enable us to continue helping people. We designed KT Hypnotherapy to provide an accelerated support package to help those with Mental health, Trauma, Anxiety and Addictions. Sacred Sounds Studio is our platform providing Meditation Lessons online with a video course session (zoom). Sacred Sounds Studio offers Spiritual Guidance. Our Students are from all walks of life, from teenagers to the elderly


Founder Members

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Justin and Katie

Justin and Katie are the Founder Members of Union Meditation Centre. Both born in 1980 and grew up together until the age of 14. Reunited and fell in Love in their 30's Justin and Katie walked the Sufi Path of Union. Justin began his Meditation aged 6 with his Grandmother Olwen James. Justin would often join Olwen at the Friends Meeting House (see the picture at the top of the page). Justin learnt at an early age about the wonders of Nature. Justin's Grandmother was a Teacher, a Volunteer Environmentalist, devoted faith to God and her family. Justin became a seeker of Spirituality and had experienced life from within and at one of Justin's hard points in life, he experienced an Energy he could not explain. This Energy removed darkness from his heart and gave space in a broken mind. Justin had been practicing Meditation when an inner Guru appeared. His inner Guru Neem Karoli Baba showed Justin the path to freedom - his Guru installed the wisdom needed to allow the fast Mind Energy Transformation in order to help students move quickly from Meditation to Spirituality. Katie's journey has consisted of always wanting to experience more, to give more, and to be more. Katie has become a physical beacon of hope for trauma and troubled Souls. Katie's abilities to relate and provide real life solutions has stemmed from pure experience. Katie has been lead by her visions and leads others as the purity of heart can be touched upon with her gentle guidance