What is Meditation?

Article written by Justin James

"the quality increases and increases and with a built up mind energy a
student can enter other dimensions of life"


The word meditation does not have any other words to describe any type of similar understanding. We normally assume meditation to be a person sitting crossed legged, back straight and eyes closed. From a spiritual point of view, meditation means to become meditative. So meditation tells us it is an action. The goal of meditation is to become meditative. When we become meditative we can sit and receive. The mind has become stable enough to go beyond what that person was experiencing life before. The quality of the meditative state determines the quality of their experience. This comes with time. The quality increases and increases and with a built-up mind energy a student can enter other dimensions of life. The meditative state as it builds, manifests into a blossoming and is clearly visible both in terms of physical, mental and energies. In meditation there are stages of visions, energy and mental confusion

It is wise for anyone wanting to meditate the most effective way is to find a Guru. A Guru should speak to the students before any meditation training is given. The Guru works with the student to identify why meditation might benefit them. The guru is always looking to hook a student like a fish in a lake the Guru wants to catch his students. Within the Guru’s energies he has a fishing rod, ready to catch his students. A Guru will not teach meditation, they are not here for that. They are here to help free you. Meditation is just one tool in an armoury. The toolbox that looks after all these tools is called Yoga (the toolbox for spirituality). Yoga is a complete science within itself. Meditative states are natural states within a human being crying to be called and touched upon

Often people navigate towards meditation because of the tools (yoga). All the tools are complete and ready, it is the student that is not. Many therapists claim that meditation is good for mental health. The reason why it could be good for mental health is that the idea of sitting quietly and observing gives us space in our minds, which leads to feeling lighter and fresher. If people want meditation just for these things then they should not go to a Guru. A Guru will very quickly either try to catch that fish or if she feels the student is not quite ready, she will tell them to return when they are ready. It is always about the student not about the Guru

There are many stages of meditation just like there are other dimensions of life that are yet to be explored. If everyone knew the benefits of meditating would they be more inclined to meditate? No, in fact a Guru sees these things as distractions and meditation is about removing distractions